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  • EXPANSION IS A DESIGN QUESTION: How regional and national growth impacts delivery of care
    In 2009, McKinsey & Company published "Developing a Regional Health System Strategy," exploring how such an approach could permanently improve healthcare delivery. The authors noted a consistent tradeoff between three factors - quality, access and financial sustainability - in various systems around the world.
  • Healthcare Prefabrication + the New Frontier: Yesterday, today and the future of mitigating jobsite challenges
    The construction industry has a problem: skilled labor is at an all-time low. However, the part of the story that's particularly alarming, but rarely surfaces, is it's also not in a position to recover. In 2004, the Brookings Institute published a white paper titled "Toward a New Metropolis." The conclusion 15 years ago was that half of what will exist in the built environment by 2030 didn't exist yet. The construction industry uses 29% of the craft apprentices enrolled in apprenticeship programs, equating to just 144,000 apprentices and approximately 2% of the industry workforce, as of 2016. According to the white paper, by 2020, the industry will need over 2 million additional craftworkers.
  • Thinking Outside the Box: How prefab exteriors save money, reduce schedules on healthcare projects
    The already complex arena of healthcare facility design is set to become even more complex, thanks to forces ranging from changing laws and regulations to new technologies and shifting patient needs. Today's providers also want reduced costs and shorter construction time while still seeking high-quality materials and design aesthetic.
  • 3 for 3 Three biophilic trends to watch for three types of facility occupants
    Healthcare facilities are transforming their brands from sick care to the center of health, calm and well-being for the community. Many are rethinking healthcare design to support the emotional needs of patients, their families and healthcare staff. Biophilia can have a profound impact on these building occupants

From the Symposium Desk

  • California Dreamin'
    Jenabeth Ferguson
    The Symposium has a long history in California, our very first event in 1998 was held in Carlsbad and we returned to California eight times in the next fourteen years. However, it has been a while and so I am thrilled in 2020 we will return to our birthplace and once again bring the Symposium to Southern California. And allow our attendees to experience all it has to offer both in terms of healthcare and attractions.
  • 'Tis the Season
    Jenabeth Ferguson
    The Tuesday after Thanksgiving has become #GivingTuesday in a campaign to encourage folks to donate to charitable causes at the beginning of the holiday season. It's a wonderful tradition to make sure people stop in the hectic pace of our lives to think about others.
  • Wow! A month later and I am still basking in the glow of this years Symposium. From a number stand point attendance was up over last year but even more notable was that the healthcare provider involvement was significantly higher than past years. Personally, it was such a treat for me to have everyone in my home state.

Research & Whitepapers

  • Parking lots –adding value to your business plan
    Customer Service . . . Sustainability . . . Compliance . . . are all key parts today’s business plans. Have you considered how your parking lot adds value to each? The right partner can create a customized maintenance program that will have your lot contributing to all of these objectives and to the lasting impression you have with your clients.
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