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SEPTEMBER 24-26, 2024
Austin Convention Center - Austin, Texas


The Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo is the go-to event for healthcare environment professionals, offering networking, innovation showcases, and insights into design, construction and management.

The mission of the Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo is to ignite change and advance healthcare delivery through innovative physical spaces. Here, competitors become collaborators, clients become friends, and colleagues share fresh perspectives, research, and insights, driving forward the dynamic conversation of our industry.

Founded in 1987 by Wayne Ruga, the Symposium delves into the transformative impact of physical design on healing and well-being.

2024 Event
37th Year
Austin, Texas

Industry leaders, from design firms to healthcare owners, come together for 3 days to share
best practices, explore new concepts and discover products and solutions!

Attending our conference sessions, you will hear from the perspective of the architect, engineer, contractor and healthcare provider! Our faculty of speakers is made up of all disciplines for a well-rounded point of view. Inspirational keynotes, eye-opening case-studies, and insightful instructional sessions provide you with takeaways to implement in your current and upcoming projects.  

Our Exhibit Hall is filled to the brim with products and solutions that will meet your needs. HFSE provides an unparalleled opportunity to stand out and be seen by key healthcare facilities buyers and specifiers with big budgets and buying power. From a dynamic expo floor to next-level networking opportunities, HFSE is where you can be part of the dynamic future of healthcare.

Healthcare is one of Austin’s largest and fastest-growing industries. The region is home to more than 4,200 healthcare employers representing approx. 3,700 companies that embody diverse segments of the industry.  Austin was named one of the Best Cities in North America by Travel + Leisure. There are more than 200 restaurants, more than 250 live music venue and Austin ranks in the top 20 large cities with the most vibrant art community in America, according to SMU’s National Center for Arts Research.

Our advisory board represents the breadth of attendees coming from design firms, engineering firms, contractors and healthcare providers from all across North America. They work to certify the education, exhibits and networking reflect the current trends and issues facing our industry.  The board is an all volunteer group of passionate and dedicated individuals committed to making the Symposium the event for the industry. 

HFSE has a long history of selecting a charitable organization each year, holding a raffle onsite and donating the proceeds to that charitable organization. What started as a small endeavor has grown to a highlight of the annual event with diverse organizations across the country benefitting from the HFSE’s community’s generosity. Since 2006, HFSE has donated over $200k to various charitable organizations.

The HFSE team is there to help you with whatever you may need to make attending an enjoyable experience.  The team is responsible for planning and executing the event and our expertise, including event planning, marketing, logistics, and operations.  You can find them onsite very easily as they are in blue polo shirts so feel free to ask.