Durability by Design

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August 25, 2021

Science teaches us that matter moves from order to disorder. Amazingly, the same thing can happen to buildings! What once was sparkling and new can eventually slide into disrepair.

Building owners could simply surrender to it, or they can proactively take a stand and fight for their buildings. They can choose products that protect the interior from damage in the first place.

Architects and interior designers can also slow the hands of time by thinking long term and specifying door and wall protection products … to not only preserve their design, but also as a service to building owners long after the ribbon is cut.


1. Explore how the proper installation of wall protection materials – when specified with standard wall construction options – determines their effectiveness in interior applications.
2. Recognize when to specify wall cladding vs. targeted wall protection.
3. Examine the best-practice options for achieving effective and aesthetically pleasing interior protection.
4. Discover strategies to successfully design for the long term by avoiding the trap of first- cost value engineering.

Will be available the week of July 26

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Voice of the Transition Planning Liaison
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April 22, 2021
2 pm EST

Facility renovations or new construction projects are accustomed to assigning project managers to coordinate the construction phases. But who will bridge the gap between design, construction, and the end users to ensure effective operations from the moment the doors open? Hear from recent experiences of project liaisons and how they leveraged their role throughout the Transition and Activation phases.


1. Describe the typical resource demands throughout the Transition and Activation Planning phases.
2. Understand the level of commitment and engagement required by the Transition Planning Liaison(s) among the project stakeholders. 
3. Recognize the benefits of a dedicated Transition Planning Liaison(s) and their role in planning the opening of a new healthcare facility.
4. Reveal lessons learned from those who have previously served in the Transition Planning Liaison role on their respective projects.

Kristin Hill, Assoc. AIA, MEd, MArch, Director of Facilities Planning & Management, UC San Diego Health
Tracy Lowerre, MS, RN, CPN, Clinical Liaison/Nurse Clinician, Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU
Tina McCormick, BSN, RN, Director of Surgical- Inspira Health
Hilda Nering, MSN,RN- HTS, Inc
Josh Rohatinsky, MPA, PMP, Administrative Director, Utah Valley Hospital, Intermountain Healthcare
Melanie Viquez, PMP, FACHE, EDAC- HTS, Inc

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Infection Control, Design & Flooring


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May 12, 2021
2 pm EST

Explore the role of flooring and design in infection control including basic information about pathogens, key infection control recommendations and guidance, and information for properly disinfecting flooring to promote health and wellness.


Identify key considerations for infection control, design & flooring
Describe how WELLv1 Feature 27 – Antimicrobial Activity relates to flooring
Describe how WELL v1 Feature 28 – Cleanable environmental related to flooring
Describe how LEED O+M v4 and WELL v2 Feature X09 Cleaning Products and Protocol relates to infection control and flooring

Amy Costello, Sustainability Manager, Armstrong Flooring

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