Faculty Profile:

Sahar Mihandoust, Ph.D.Research Assistant Professor at the Center for Health Facilities Design and TestClemson University
Sahar’s research focuses on the effects of biophilic design on nurse and patient outcomes in Intensive Care Units. In her research she explores the spatial configurations of Intensive care units, nurse’s perception of their environment, and nurse burnout levels. Her research interests also include evidence-based health care design, patient safety, and design for special populations. In her current position she is collaborating in a multidisciplinary team to examine built environment solutions for improving patient safety, user experience and operational efficiencies. Sahar obtained her Ph.D. in Environmental and Interior Design from Texas Tech University; She has also earned a Master’s degree in Architecture from Rensselaer polytechnic institute in New York and a M.Arch degree from Iran University of Science and Technology.