Faculty Profile:


Walt is the CEO of Mazzetti, an employee-owned Benefit Corporation with offices across the US and India, focused on helping healthcare organizations plan and implement carbon reduction strategies. With degrees in Mathematics, Philosophy, Engineering, Business, and Law (including an LLM in Energy Law), Walt is uniquely qualified to help healthcare organizations working on issues of carbon reduction. 

Walt represents the US to the International Federation of Healthcare Engineering, and he serves on the Exco. He led the international effort to support WHO through its Covid Help Desk in 2021. Walt led the efforts of the American Hospital Association to create and develop its national sustainability programs. He was a co-chair of the Green Guide for Healthcare, and he helped develop the ASHRAE Advanced Energy Design Guides for Healthcare. He is the vice-chair for the ASHRAE 189.3 Healthcare Sustainability Standard. Walt wrote the National Academy of Medicine Paper 2030: Next Steps to Healthcare Climate Leadership. He is currently serving on the Steering Committee for the National Academy of Medicine’s Action Collaborative on Decarbonizing Healthcare. Walt is also now serving on the Steering Committee for the International Hospital Federation’s Sustainability Leadership Committee. Walt is currently leading a project funded by the California Energy Commission to write the book on De-Carbonizing Healthcare Buildings. He is also leading another CEC project, deploying the first renewable energy microgrid for a Kaiser Permanente hospital.