Faculty Profile:

Francis (Frank) Murdock Pitts FAIA, FACHA, OAAPrincipalarchitecture+

Francis (Frank) Murdock Pitts FAIA, FACHA, OAA, Principal, architecture+

Mr. Pitts is widely recognized as one of North America’s leading planners and designers of mental healthcare facilities and as a leader in the development of an evidence-based design practice culture in North America.

Mr. Pitts has been committed to improving the environment and care for the mentally ill since his student day when he gained direct hands-on experience working with institutionalized adolescents and wrote his graduate thesis on facilities for emotionally disturbed adolescents. He and his colleagues at architecture+ have since collaborated on more than 300 projects involving well over 20,000 behavioral healthcare beds and clinical settings located in over 38 states and provinces.

Mr. Pitts has served as President of both the AIA’s Academy of Architecture for Health and the American College of Healthcare Architects. In his leadership positions in both institutions he has advocated the development of practice cultures that evince evidence-based design. He is speaks widely and publishes articles on the lessons that can be learned from exemplary hospitals and the application of research evidence to hospital design. He was responsible for organizing the AIA’s first national conference on the relationship between environment and health outcome and was the founding chair of the AIA’s National Committee on Therapeutic Environments.

Mr. Pitts has been an active member of The CARITAS Project’s Leading By Design Research Project and received the Center for Health Design’s Changemaker Award in 2018, in recognition of his contributions to our collective endeavor to improve settings for the care of human health.