Faculty Profile:

Deborah LeverProgram and Project Manager, Capital Improvements Intermediary Program HousingLos Angeles County Department of Health Services (DHS)

Deborah Lever works for Housing for Health Program (HfH) within the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, a dynamic agency that serve people experiencing homelessness. Her role is Program and Project Management for the Capital Improvements Intermediary Program (CIIP). The Housing for Health CIIP is a collaborative program providing supportive housing solutions for a range projects throughout Los Angeles County.

Specializing in interiors, Deborah directs and coordinates specific project needs relating to design, materials and the specification of FFE.


Prior to her current position, Deborah Lever specialized in Healthcare Design as an Interior Designer for both renovation and new healthcare projects.

She received a degree in Psychology from UCLA then went on the complete the Interior and Environmental Design Program also from UCLA.


Deborah strongly believes that one’s environment has a strong impact on health and behavior and passionately works to incorporate that on every project.