Faculty Profile:

Jill BergmanHealth PrincipalHDR, Inc.
Jill is a Principal at HDR and an ACHA board certified healthcare architect. She earned her Master’s in Architecture degree at Clemson University. An experienced healthcare architect and facilitator, Jill is well versed in leading health facility projects of all types, workshops of all sizes, integrated teams, managing group dynamics and synthesizing visions, goals and content. She believes architectural design is a team sport; that hospitals are small magical cities; a short, well run meeting is a thing of beauty; and the intersection of data and buildings will grow exponentially in the next few years. Jill is an avid storyteller and speaker, having presented at a wide variety of professional conferences and gatherings on topics around healthcare architecture and career mentoring. Her storytelling also landed her in 3rd place in an NYC MOTH Story Slam. She has initiated Oreo Tuesdays at every office where she has worked; stop by one Tuesday and have a cookie and a chat.