Faculty Profile:

Dr. Tina WoodsClinical Psychologist, Senior Director of Community Health ServicesAlaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

Dr. Tina Woods is Unungan (Aleut) originally from St Paul Island, AK. She is a licensed clinical psychologist, received a Ph.D. in Clinical-Community Psychology with a Rural Indigenous Emphasis from the University of AK Anchorage, 2013. She has worked in the Alaska Tribal Health System for 17+ years and is currently the Senior Director of Community Health Services at the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium. She has oversight over 8 departments including, Wellness & Prevention, Community Environment & Health, Tribal Epidemiology Center, Clinical Research & Services, Distance Learning Network, Behavioral Health Aide, Dental Health Aide Therapist and Community Health Aide programs. Dr. Woods dedicated her academic training and career towards working with Alaska Native People to provide holistic and comprehensive health services. She believes in going upstream with prevention efforts in order to make a significant difference for future generations.