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Wednesday, September 28, 2022  |  9:15 AM - 10:30 AM

Open to All Attendees!

Keynote: Ukraine Health Care Recovery Plan

Oleksii Iaremenko
Deputy Minister for European Integration, Ministry of Health of Ukraine

2022–2032 Ukrainian Healthcare System: Post-War Recovery Plan

Join us for this exclusive keynote that will begin with the state of healthcare in Ukraine as of the end of 2021. Key reforms that started in 2020 and continued in 2021 will be discussed, such as the development of national health agencies and EMR; clinical programs and infrastructure activation; shift to procurement of medical services.

Attention will then shift to the 2022 health system performance and parameters during the war covering infrastructure and personnel losses by region and cost of the damages. Special workgroups are working on a Ukrainian Healthcare recovery plan in partnership with the World Health Organization and the World Bank. Overall and in-detail needs of the recovery with be discussed, utilizing qualitative and quantitative indicators by region and district, in the following categories:

a. Reduction of cost
b. Network of hospitals
c. Network of public health labs
d. Biocluster development
e. Supplies and logistics development
f. Localized production and stock of medicine and Rx development

European health systems are used as a reference. Health networks will be developed in categories such as: national, above-cluster, cluster, and general hospitals around implementation of e-health 2030. Separate attention will be given to rehabilitation, mental, continuum of care, disease control and prevention networks. 

Attendees will come away from this exclusive keynote and:

  1. Learn about reform of the Ukrainian Health system that started in 2020 from access to medicine, finances, medical care, humanitarian aid and clinical personnel levels
  2. Learn about Ukrainian Health system adaptation and functionality during the war in 2022, including health institutions and personnel loses
  3. Learn about Ukrainian Healthcare recovery plan that will be submitted for approval to WHO/EIB and World bank at the end of September
  4. Learn about Ukrainian Health system infrastructure, hospital districts, clusters and campuses need

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