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Wednesday, September 28, 2022  |  4:15 PM - 5:15 PM

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Healthcare Under Even More Attack. What Now?

Frank Finley
Physical Security Consultant, Force Protect Security Consultants
Gordon Snow Esq., MBA, CISSP CSO
Chief Security Officer, Cleveland Clinic

Physical and cyber security threats during the pandemic and during unprecedented civil unrest are increasing nationwide. From behavioral health patients, disgruntled patients, gang retaliation, and active shooters to domestic violent extremists, anti-vaccine activists, and racially motivated extremists, the list continues to grow. This presentation is Part II of last year's presentation "In the Line of Fire", in which nationwide hospital risk assessment common findings were lightly discussed. Now, this follow-on presentation gets into the details of these solutions, revealing actual proven examples from the field. Examples will include photo and video illustrations of solutions implemented at each layer of protection from the outer perimeter all the way internally to the people, PII, and high-dollar materials. This best-practice sharing is invaluable to clinical staff, facility managers, healthcare architects and engineers in their molding of the healthcare environment.

1: Revisit the concepts of identifying healthcare targets, conducting risk assessments, and prioritizing the solutions for implementation
2: Enhance your knowledge of actual risk mitigation solutions for all layers of security - perimeter, roads, parking, buildings, utilities, and personnel
3: Learn how to convince your C-Suite Leadership of which solutions to implement based on impact and cost order of magnitude
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