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Wednesday, September 28, 2022  |  1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Open to Conference Attendees Only

Examining Efficiency in Open Bay and Single-Family Room NICU Designs

Lindsey Fay EDAC, IIDA
Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky's College of Design
Kevin Real Ph.D,
Professor and Chair, University of Kentucky, Department of Communication

As NICU care continues to become more complex, a greater focus on family-centered care has led to the implementation of single-family rooms (SFR). An interdisciplinary team with members from healthcare, communication, and design conducted a pre- and post-occupancy evaluation of a NICU moving from an open bay to SFR unit with decentralized nurse stations. The focus of this research was to analyze the effects of the differing models on staff efficiency and satisfaction. Data collection methods included staff surveys, focus groups, occupancy counts, time studies, and communication documentation. Survey results indicate NICU staff had significantly higher perceptions of efficiency and design satisfaction in the new environment. More than half of all interactions were less than 1 minute. Presentation will further detail research outcomes so that attendees can gain a diverse perspective on the various aspects of NICU nursing unit models and their impact on efficiency.

1: Identify key design issues impacting efficiency in hospital units.
2: Explore multiple perspectives surrounding centralized and decentralized nurse station designs and their impact on staff perceptions of efficiency and overall satisfaction.
3: Analyze the effects of decentralized nursing unit layouts on staff time spent in face-to-face interactions.
4: Discuss design solutions that can enhance efficiency within healthcare organizations.