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Wednesday, September 28, 2022  |  8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Open to Conference Attendees Only

Modern Considerations Informing The Future of Treatment Room Design

Patrick M. Casey
Vice President - Facilities Operations and Planning, University Miami Health System
Larry McKillop
Associate Senior Vice President, CRTKL
Michael St. Clair
Associate Vice President/ Senior Planner, CRTKL
Exam and treatment rooms are constantly evolving based on accessibility codes, care delivery models and technology. Outpatient clinics within most academic medical centers have become multi-specialty, requiring various modalities to flex between exams and exam corridors based on daily and weekly block sessions. In the current environment, health systems have begun to reinforce common features in all exam rooms as well as provide privacy, ease of physician access, changing technology and clinical practice methods. This session will discuss three specific considerations influencing exam room design in depth: education, families (partners-in-care), and technology. CRTKL will also discuss the UHealth Doral & Sole Mia Ambulatory Care Centers as case studies in maintaining standards, with participation from UHealth’s Vice President of Facilities Operations and Planning, to determine best practices.
1: Assess the role of education as it relates to the healthcare delivery system, including communication of information to patients and their families
2: Evaluate the needs of a given organization to properly design accommodations for guests and family members.
3: Understand the role that technology plays in ensuring flexibility and ability to incorporate multiple uses into a space
4: Understand the importance of tailoring considerations for both place (physical environment) and practice (cultural environment of organization)