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Tuesday, September 27, 2022  |  1:45 PM - 2:45 PM

Open to Conference Attendees Only

Beginnings and Endings: The Importance of the Present Moment and the Intentionally Unintended Start


This is a learning event about (love and) sustainable change.  It is an offering, in the hope that - within it - we will have a collaborative discussion to explore some of the essential lessons that life is teaching us about how we can create and support flourishing environments to better support our co-workers, our clients, those who hope to heal, and those whose mission is to care for others.  It is an exploration to discover how caring enough about our own self and our own conduct can become the fulcrum for creating remarkable and resonant healthcare buildings.
Drawing upon personal experiences and case studies, we will explore the conditions that establish a basis for successful teams, projects, and environments.  The lessons learned won’t always be conventional and may indeed challenge basic ideas about the value of management command and control structures, while getting at something far more important: the support systems that can genuinely and sustainably facilitate growth, change, and flourishing.



1. Learn about the unanticipated possibilities for improvement that arise spontaneously if only we are present to those possibilities. 
2. Learn from some simple case studies how design improvements can arise out of observation and reflection.
3. Learn about the value of deep listening and engagement as a means of developing more responsive environments.
4. Learn by doing and discussing.  Participants will be encouraged to suggest additional lessons from the case studies cited, and to help each other to find the possibilities of new beginnings hat might enrich their own future work.