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Tuesday, September 27, 2022  |  10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Open to Conference Attendees Only

The Supply Chain Crisis: Catastrophe or Opportunity?

Tony Blakey
Corporate Director, Planning Design & Construction, Emanate Health
Sean Collins, AIA, LEED AP
Executive Director, Facilities Planning, Design and Construction, CEDARS-SINAI
Jason Earnhardt
Program Coordinator, Austin Commercial

Ships stuck at sea. Warehouses either empty of or stuffed with goods. Microchip and component shortages. Financing deadlines missed. Construction projects delayed and, ultimately, patient care impacted. Thanks to the pandemic, and the socio-economic and political impacts it has wrought, our interconnected global supply chain remains fragile. This upheaval has led to a cascade of crises across the design and construction industry—from impacts to projects, labor and financing to the demise of just-in-time. But, with disruption comes opportunity and innovation, and those who lack the agility to change may find themselves left behind.
In this panel discussion, Sean Collins (Cedars-Sinai), Tony Blakely (Emanate Health) and Jason Earnhardt (Austin Commercial) address the supply chain realities facing our industry. These experts will share strategies that have proven successful, including new approaches around diversity, equity and inclusion in the labor force; project delivery and prioritization; procurement and materials acquisition; and buffering for escalation. The panel will explore ways to future-proof the process from other potential calamities. How teaming and collaboration may reveal answers. And that the lessons of the past are not applicable to our new reality.

1: Attendees take away a deeper understanding of the complexity and vulnerabilities of supply chain processes, especially in the context of unforeseen global events
2: The session will compare and contrast the challenges of traditional, just-in-time models with emerging scenarios, exploring key issues such as labor shortages, project procurement and cost escalation.
3: The audience will learn how Cedars-Sinai and Emanate health had to redefine how to deliver projects.
4: The session will explore the role and influence of technology, especially AI and BIM, on new models and approaches to project delivery.