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Monday, December 6, 2021  |  10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Open to Conference Attendees Only

Intuitive Design Workshop Part 1

Gregory Splinter AIA
Co-founder and Partner, Yowza Architects

This real-time, highly participatory, experiential, and interactive workshop provides the opportunity for each participant to access their deep inner wisdom by creating their own intuitive drawing and interpreting their drawing through an immersive experience facilitated by Gregory. Each participant will create and keep a drawing that they have made as a reminder of the interpretation of their experience.


Materials will be provided and no prior drawing experience is necessary. Note that this is a double session  with a 15-minute break.  See:, click ‘About Us’, and scroll down to see images of drawings from previous Intuitive Design Workshops by Gregory.


Previous comments from participants include:

Gregory's method of ‘Intuitive Design’ explicitly recognizes the deep truth about imaginative creation that all great artists, architects, and even scientists have known - namely, that buildings, artworks, and new ideas have a kind of independent existence, even before they become manifest in the external world.


Gregory’s ‘Intuitive Design Workshop’ was an eye-opening and mind-expanding exercise in pure creativity with nearly no restrictions, stress, or pressure to ‘get it right.’. Relaxed with dream-like music, while rubbing vibrant pastels against midnight black palettes, our ideas flowed, and colors glowed like neon against the dark void. Our presentations to our non-judgmental peers were a cathartic expression of soul-searching and shared empathy.



1. Explore how to access deep unconscious to generate alternative planning and design solutions.
2. Learn to draw images, independent of conventional logic, to provide a source for new design solutions. 3. Discover how to interpret these images and translate them into practical planning and design solutions. 4. Discuss how to maintain the fidelity and integrity of the images as they become translated into effective client-responsive planning and design solutions.