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The Critical Time is NOW for Positive Change

Joy Baldridge, CPC, CSP, President of Baldridge Seminars International

The critical time is now for positive change. Because there's no time when it's not now, why not seize the moment by asking yourself each day, "What's the one thing I can do to further my success tomorrow?" This is the question a CEO asked himself at the end of each business day for 10 consecutive years. That's how he made it to the top. The consistency of self questioning, he said, is a simple formula that creates incremental gains, which is also known as cumulative frequency. He went on to say that incremental gains creates a powerful momentum that allows him to initiate and sustain significant change in a positive and impactful way. The bottom line is: Nothing changes if nothing changes. The key is to change before you have to. It's not the size of the change that counts, it's the consistency over time.

Step 1 - Start

Step 2 - Continue

Step 3 - Adapt

Minor Change = Major Impact Remember to be AFA - Always Flexible & Adaptable


Joy Baldridge, CPC, CSP is an author, kickoff keynote speaker, and business strategist who helps the best association, corporations and foundations in the world, become even better at increasing revenue and productivity while decreasing stress and frustration.

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