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A Scavenger Challenge

Jenabeth Ferguson

It has been almost a year of spending a lot of time at home.  A year of not seeing friends and family unless outside and safely not near each other.  A year of not jumping on a plane and running off to another city.  A lot of us are cooking more, taking a lot more walks and of course spending hours on Zoom.


If you are lucky you have found ways to stay connected.  As someone who has worked from home for 16 years, I understand the propensity, especially in the winter, to find yourself inside for days at a time.  In the past, those periods have often been sandwiched between constant travel, so they have been about rejuvenation.  This year it is different.


A few weeks ago, as we were coming out of the holidays and the incredibly tumultuous time in our country, I was struggling to stay healthy and motivated.  One of my closet friends sent a text saying she too needed some motivation to keep moving.  She sent her message in a group text and almost immediately our other friends chimed in with the same concerns.  We decided to help each other and what happened next is one of those "only because of COVID", but truly remarkable things.


We came up with the idea of a ten-day scavenger challenge.  There would be twenty activities and/or things we needed to do.  And to prove we did them we had to text a photo and/or screen shot from our exercise app.  Some items on the challenge were as simple as looking for a house with a red door, but the key was you needed to be on a walk when you find it.  Others were a little more of a challenge, like a 10k step day or a walk in the snow or rain. We also mixed in some challenges about food, such as a sandwich with an avocado, an arugula salad or a bowl of homemade soup.  And finally, a few including watching YouTube video and we had to dance along like we were at a live show.  Those videos are hysterical! 


We shared photos and stories and laughs.  We all moved more than we would have but it felt fun and certainly our competitive juices were flowing. And it was funny which ones were easy for some and harder for others.  One friend kept forgetting to get arugula at the grocery store!  


I wanted to share because as we have told other friends they have come up with their own challenges with family and friends. It is a creative way to stay mentally and physically healthy during this trying time. 


I hope you are all finding your own ways to stay connected and keeping healthy!

Be well,

Jenabeth Ferguson
Vice President, Symposium Director
Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo


P.S. Have a thought about the Symposium? Please feel free to contact me at any time at

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