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Reimagining Healthcare: A Movement Towards a Better Future

We’ve all experienced that “ah hah” moment… It’s the moment when you recognize something could be better, and you yearn for the opportunity to make it better.

For patients and clinicians, it’s often when they are in a hospital care space – the expectant mother in the middle of labor wishing she wasn’t staring at painfully slow-moving clock on the wall; the nurse wishing he could have eyes on all his patients at the same time; the ER clinician thinking “only if the experience at the front end of the ED was more streamlined, I could have more healthy conversations with mid-acuity patients in the ER…” The list continues.

That moment, when you recognize a problem and wish you had the ability and agency to resolve it, is exactly what prompted the “Reimagining Workshops”—to facilitate ongoing improvement in Healthcare, for a better future… To improve outcomes at the nexus of health delivery, patient experience, and infrastructure. We’re creating a movement and invite you to join! The next milepost in that movement is happening at the 2019 Healthcare Facility Symposium and Expo (HFSE).

Reimagining Critical Care

The third Reimagining workshop, “Reimagining Critical Care” is presented by the Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI), Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM), Ariadne Labs, and Catalysis on September 19th and 20th in Boston, MA. Leading clinicians and designers will assemble to “reimagine” critical care, improving patient outcomes and operations. Organized by Mazzetti’s Sextant Foundation, this two-day workshop will convene on the final day of the Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo (HFSE) at the Hynes Convention Center. (Register here. Practicing clinicians can submit for free entry here)


Participating architects will receive 14 AIA HSW LUs. Firms that send senior staff members can send accompanying junior staff members at a reduced rate. Participants will learn through continuous rich dialogue with colleagues while making a significant contribution to the future of critical care design.

The event is designed to be the definitive assembly on shaping this topic, bringing together leading clinicians and representatives from healthcare focused architecture, engineering, and other design firms from around the country. We will use process thinking and human-centered design(HCD) inspired techniques to reimagine critical care spaces and how they are designed. Finally, we’ll determine pathways to achieve workshop discoveries and identify potential barriers to implementation. Suggestions will be submitted to FGI’s guideline revision board to help inform future fundamental Guidelines requirements and “Beyond Fundamentals” ideas and insights.

Who should attend?
Clinicians (doctors, nurses, etc.), architects, engineers, medical planners, medical students, hospital administration authority having jurisdiction, writers, process improvement professionals and others have all attended reimagining workshops. In all cases, your professional expertise can be helpful in ideating potential solutions to the challenges faced in clinical spaces.

Why attend?
There are lots of reasons to attend a Reimagining Workshop. These include:

  • Architects earn CEU credits
  • Great learning experience
  • Opportunity to advance the field
  • Influence the Guidelines
  • Network with a robust, motivated community
  • Get inspired (and rejuvenated) to affect positive change in Healthcare

These reasons belie the bigger point. At Reimagining Workshops, participants collaborate in ways that unleash innovative, potential solutions to the challenges currently faced by those in healthcare. There are few other places that combine radical collaboration with impact. What happens when top professionals (from different cross-sections of an industry) collaborate (instead of competing) to solve our most significant, timely challenges? Reimagining happens.

That’s the promise of reimagining workshops. They are designed for radical collaboration, coupled with redefining a potential future, and grappling with how to evolve the current reality to realize that future.

Why are the Reimagining Workshops Special?

Small Groups
At the workshop, participants work with a small group (5-10 people) optimized for collaboration. Everyone is engaged, contributing, and learning from each other.

Platform for Innovation
We use human-centered design and process improvement techniques within these small groups. Because groups go through an intentional process, group formation happens more quickly, and better work is accomplished. Participants are certainly challenged throughout the process, but quickly learn that the group will provide excellent support.

The Experience
Small groups and the use of HCD together result in experiencing deep learning, rapid iteration, innovation, and ultimately, a path for creating a better future.

Inspirational People
The workshops attract leading clinicians and healthcare designers who are challenging status quo and inspiring others to participate in creating a better future. Most recently, Dr. Neel Shah, MD, MPP, Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School and Director of the Delivery Decisions Initiative at Harvard’s Ariadne Labs, participated in the “Reimagining Childbirth Facilities” workshop. He’s listed among Becker’s Hospital Review’s “40 smartest people in health care”, been profiled by the New York Times, CNN, and several other media outlets. This is the caliber of the workshop participants, to which, all participants have access.

Focused on impact
Uniquely, reimaginging workshops are designed to both imagine a better future and to make real changes to the present to make that future possible. Because we empathize with clinicians and their patients, define challenges, and then ideate, prototype, and test solutions, the resulting ideas are thorough. Many collaborative ideating initiatives end there. Reimagining workshops use the deep learning and insights gleaned by participants through the workshop and consider the relevant application to the FGI Guidelines. The result -- potential changes to the Guidelines - are identified and submitted for review. Since the Guidelines impact the design of healthcare spaces, workshop participants are afforded the opportunity to influence future innovations in healthcare while also potentially impacting requirements for the design of healthcare spaces.

Learning and Innovation
We have flipped the “expert” model on its head. Most conference presentations have one or two experts speaking to a room of dozens to thousands of audience members. Learning is meant to be prescriptive (i.e. whatever the speaker wants the audience to learn.) At the end of a presentation, a limited question and answer period may ensue. This model is effective at transferring specific knowledge and informing audience members about a particular topic, but it is not designed to create new knowledge or insight.

Reimagining Workshops, on the other hand, are designed to maximize innovation. They do this by gathering small groups to dive deeply into specific challenges. Everyone in the group is fully engaged and brings their knowledge, experience, and ideas (literally) to the table. Because ideas are shared rapidly within the group and because participants can ask questions of groupmates to gain knowledge quickly, the workshop groups provide opportunities for new ideas and opportunities to spread.

What we’ve learned

We’ve learned a lot by conducing these workshops.

We learned that clinicians are hungry for these types of interactions. It’s not only the opportunity to work with architects, engineers, and other designers, it’s the opportunity to hear from each other.

After Reimagining the ED, we produced a Whitepaper that reviewed ideas from the workshop.

At Reimagining Childbirth Facilities, we again learned the importance of bringing a community together. Reimagining Childbirth Facilities drew both hospital-based and birth center-based clinicians, producing more informed ideas considering different conditions and perspectives.

We shared the raw content of the workshops through the online community instead of producing a whitepaper. Participants have been inspired to write peer-reviewed articles on Reimagining Childbirth Facilities. Concepts for new childbirth facilities have been vastly improved based on participant’s workshop experience.

After each workshop, we’ve seen the energy and ideating continuing, primarily via the online community facilitated by BaseCamp. Literally participants are reconnecting, posing new ideas (or refinements on existing ones), posing questions, and building more knowledge… What’s to come is unknown but extremely promising as the out-of-workshop connections and conversations are occurring.

Where are we going?

While we are focused on Reimagining Critical Care, we recognize that there are many spaces to reimagine. More workshops are “in the works”: operating rooms, cancer centers, neonatal intensive care, rural facilities, etc. And, we may see an opportunity to revisit the ED and Childbirth Facilities too.

More reimagining workshops in the works for 2020 and 2021 -- stay tuned. We are (humbly) creating a movement around the idea of “Reimagining” these spaces and want to ensure you’re involved to make it better!

How can you join the movement?

Participate in the next workshop, Reimagining Critical Care.

Spread the word.

Become a sponsor.

Get inspired to help create a better future in Healthcare.

Discover more about the workshops here:

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