September 21-23, 2021
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The Symposium Is Almost Here!

Jenabeth Ferguson, Vice President, Symposium Director

I am a New England girl – I love all seasons and the change from one to the next. I know for many of you summer winding down is an unwelcome occurrence. For me it means that not only is my favorite season of all almost upon us but that soon we will all be back at the Symposium.

Recently I was asked to talk about a few things I was excited for at this year’s event. Apparently I started talking and 10 minutes later I had not stopped. For those who know me that will not come as a surprise! But I think the bigger point was that there is so much to be excited about for this year’s event. In the interest of time and space let me tell you my top 3 things.

  1. The Design Solutions Theater which will be a new feature on the exhibit floor. It will bring the design galleries to life as some of the participants will take part in interactive, short presentations to let you hear from them about the projects on display.
  2. The Student Charette is an opportunity to help develop future leaders. Recently I was at networking event in Boston and I met a young woman who was part of the first charrette. Based on her experience decided as part of the charrette she focused her degree on healthcare, graduated and is now working for SOM in Boston. It was a truly rewarding encounter for me to see someone starting out so passionate and a lot of it because of her experience at the Symposium. I look forward to meeting this year’s students.
  3. Our keynotes! Allison Massari is going to blow you away with your genuine manner and inspiring story. She will remind us all about the patients our environments are designed for. With all the focus on patient experience in today’s healthcare industry, how invaluable will it be to hear from the Chief Experience Officer of one of the top hospitals in the country? Well Rick Evans keynote on Wednesday will give you that opportunity. (Yes, I know technically I snuck 2 things into this one).

As this is my last column before we all gather in Chicago let me take a few more minutes of your time to point out 5 sessions that you need to be putting on your schedule. These sessions came from our June Advisory Board meeting when I asked the board members to put together their sample schedules.

Avatars Inform the Patient Experience at Northwestern Lake Forest
How One Community’s Definition of Health Changed a Hospital’s Vision
Dublin Methodist Hospital: 7 Years later - What have we learned?
Building as Brand: A Strategic Tool to Promote Health in a Community
Forming the Band: 1200+ Players All for One Optimal Healing Environment

There is so much happening at this year’s Symposium that will focus on the intersection of design and wellness to serve the community of 2015 and beyond. Be sure you have registered for your conference pass.

I look forward to seeing in you Chicago!

Jenabeth Ferguson
Vice President, Symposium Director
Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo

P.S. Have a thought about the Symposium? Please feel free to contact me at any time at

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