September 21-23, 2021
Austin Convention Center | Austin, TX

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Jenabeth Ferguson, Vice President, Symposium Director

For 8 years now we have held our advisory board meeting on one of the last Friday’s in January in Chicago. It never ceases to amaze me the turnout we get at this meeting. It’s always bitter cold, it is January in Chicago, but yet we have never had snow or weather impacting people’s travel plans. Without fail again this year around the table sat all but three of our board members. If you were a fly on the wall in this room you would get to observe over 30 industry leaders engaged in a day-long healthcare design think tank…all more than ready, willing and able to collaborate on ideas and plans for this year’s Symposium.

I asked everyone in the room to tell us what the most interesting project was that they were working on right now. Their responses were a lesson in the future of healthcare in this country. Very few board members mentioned a major hospital as part of their work. The breadth and diversity of what everyone else in the room said was so interesting. The good news is that everyone is busy again and the consensus was that there is a flood right now from the stoppage of the last several years. The scary news is that folks are afraid of not only losing staff because people are hiring again but also a big theme that came up over and over was the concern that the younger generation were not understanding the specialty that is healthcare design. The more the group talked about the things happening in their professional lives and what keeps them up at night, the more we understood what topics and issues we need to be addressing this fall.

As I write this, speaking submissions are flooding in and the pace is too fast for me to even begin to look at them. I’ll let those who needed just a little more time to get theirs in and then we’ll go to work at understanding what we have. Right now the slate is clear but in the coming weeks we’ll begin to plug in the pieces. I cannot wait for all of you to see what we have planned for this year. And if you happen to run into any of our advisory board members in your professional travels, be sure to thank them for their service to the Symposium and the industry. They are an extraordinary group who are willing to open up so that we can understand the challenges facing everyone and put together an event that addresses you and them.  

Stay warm out there!

Jenabeth Ferguson
Vice President, Symposium Director
Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo

PS Have a thought about the Symposium? Please feel free to contact me at any time at

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