Scams Targeting Our Exhibitors & Attendees!


The Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo (HFSE) has been the target of some groups that are trying to take advantage of our success. HFSE participants are getting numerous phone calls and e-mail messages from individuals offering all types of services from fake hotel & travel arrangements to lead generation services and transportation services.

Please see below a list of approved HFSE vendors.

Also, please note that HFSE and its official vendors DO NOT sell its exhibitor or attendee lists at all EVER nor do they send e-mails via Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail accounts. Companies who do this are not affiliated with the HFSE in any way. Do not click on any links from e-mails from these types of accounts or from any that look suspicious.

The most absurd and frequent solicitations are coming from housing companies for room reservations at our host hotel or hotels in the immediate area of the show and list-management companies that claim that they have the HFSE attendee list. If you are contacted about either of these offerings, they are scams! HFSE DOES NOT work with housing companies, nor do we sell or share our attendee list with contact information.

If you receive a solicitation from a third party or from any person or business that claims to be an authorized vendor or makes it seem as though they are affiliated with HFSE, we ask that you forward the information on to Lou Mancini (, 203-371-6322).

Official HFSE Vendors:

If you receive a call or email from a third party offering services and you are interested, we ask that you check with Lou Mancini (, 203-371-6322) to verify the services before contracting.

HFSE Show Team:

Jenabeth Ferguson, Vice President, Symposium Director

Ann Belz, Vice President of Sales

Lou ManciniOperations Lead

Joel A. Davis, President & CEO, JD Events