Advisory Board Member:

Heather Fennimore

President, Global Healthcare


Healthcare Design Work

Ergonomics is all about health. We design and manufacture products that integrate technology with caregivers.


About Heather

Heather Fennimore has been an owner and partner since 1986. Ms. Fennimore has established over the years a successful sales organization of over 300 sales professionals and managers in the Americas. Ms. Fennimore created Humanscale University Program, the Recruiting Division, Humanscale Consulting, and Customer Service. Currently Ms. Fennimore oversees Humanscale Global Healthcare, the Global IT distribution organizations along with expanding Humanscale Consulting globally. Ms. Fennimore is the first chairperson of the Scientific Advisory Committee for Cornell University’s Atkinson Center for Sustainable Futures. She also sits on several boards and is a member of the Hoover Council at Stanford University.


Education & Credentials

Simmons College, 1979
Humanscale, Owner and partner since 1986


Fun Fact

I was a white water rafting guide!