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CONFERENCE SESSIONS                                                                                                       CONFERENCE SESSIONS

                                              TUESDAY, DECEMBER 7                                                                                                        TUESDAY, DECEMBER 7

               care hospital has become a major part of delivering on   This allowed the project team to collaborate early and            operations. 3D imaging tools enable “real-time” virtual   benchmarks, best practices, goals and solutions for
               the health system’s ability to advance their strategic   maintain specific strategies throughout design. It’s not          collaboration and the accuracy of data collected by these   healthcare planners. Using the Veterans Admin. as
               goals and achieve the quadruple aim. This session   a perfect process, but one that is agile enough for any                high-resolution scans can affect all the downstream   a case study we will demonstrate how established
               will demonstrate Advocate Aurora’s 2025 destination   project to use and modify as needed while possibly                   information captured for a building, informing design,   need can be translated into appropriately planned and
               health strategy for accessible, affordable, population   achieving net positive energy, water, and carbon in the           construction, and  facilities  management  for  years  to   designed facilities.
               health. This workshop demonstrates decision        future. The panel will cover the journey and lessons                    come. Many examples of productivity improvements
               making  tools,  balancing  between  CMS  regulations,   learned to achieve net zero.                                       from the application of 3D technologies can be seen
               efficiencies of staff, clinical adjacencies, and customer                                                                  across a building’s design, construction, and operations   SPEAKERS
               experience. Included is an interactive exercise to test                                                                    lifecycle. We will discuss a few of these applications,   Cindy Beckham, Principal / Mental Health Planner,
               knowledge on “Inpatient”, “Outpatient” and “Hospital   SPEAKERS                                                            the technologies leveraged, an RC car that acted as a   SmithGroup
               Outpatient Department” when considering adding     Scott D. Boden, MD, VP of Business Innovation, Emory                    mapping tool, as well as quantitative cost and schedule   Gary Fischer, Project Manager, Veterans Health
               inpatient services to an existing outpatient facility. We   Healthcare, CMO/CQO Emory University Orthopaedics              efficiencies.                                     Administration
               will explore operational, and facility impacts of these   & Spine Hospital                                                     sponsored by:                                 Arash Irani, Associate / Healthcare Planner and
               designations to arm the audience with knowledge to   Teresa Campbell, Principal, Orlando Healthcare                                                                          Strategist, SmithGroup
               make these strategic decisions.                    Practice Leader, HKS Inc.                                                                                                 Vladislav Torskiy, MHA, ACHE, AORN, IAIA, Lean
                                                                  Greg Johnson, PE, LEED AP, Partner, Newcomb &                                                                             Healthcare CP, Vice President, National Health
                 sponsored by:                                    Boyd, LLP                                                                                                                 Strategist, SmithGroup
                                                                  Sammy Shams, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP BD+C, WELL                             SPEAKERS
                                                                  AP, Sustainable Design Professional, HKS Inc.                           Sean Ashcroft, National Healthcare Leader, DPR               9:15 AM – 10:30 AM
               SPEAKERS                                                      8:00 AM – 9:00 AM                                            Cliff Clark, Senior Project Manager - Planning, Design   Keynote
               Julie Dumser, Vice President, Blue Cottage of Cannon                                                                       and Construction, Methodist Health System
               Design                                             Finding efficiencies with 3D                                            Chris Grossnicklaus, Healthcare Studio Leader, Vice   This keynote will be announced in late September.
               Troy Hoggard, Principal, Cannon Design             documentation throughout the project                                    President, Corgan                                 Please check back then for more information.
               Victoria Navarro, MBA-HCM, Regional Director of                                                                            Ashish Gupta, Project Manager, Virtual Design and   sponsored by:
               Planning, Design and Construction, North Wisconsin,   lifecycle                                                            Construction Coordinator, DPR Construction
               Advocate Aurora Health                             Immersive 3D imaging and documentation technologies
               Chris Waldron, Project Executive, The Boldt Company  have become more prominent  with  social distancing,                             8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
                                                                  and the creative application of these tools is increasing                                                                            10:30 AM – 3:00 PM
                          8:00 AM – 9:00 AM                       efficiency in healthcare design, construction &                         Navigating Reinvestment in Inpatient
                                                                                                                                          Psychiatric Beds                                  Exhibit Floor Open
               Road Map to Net Zero, The Journey of                                                                                       The decline of psych beds and mental health services   Visit with the our exhibitors who are eager to provide
               the Emory Musculoskeletal Institute                                                                                        has impacted communities across the U.S. with state   products and solutions for your latest project.

               Healthcare buildings are synonymous with high energy                                                                       facilities losing more than half a million beds in the
               consumption and elevated carbon emissions that                                                                             past 50 years. The cost to maintain a 24 hour inpatient      10:45 AM – 3:00 PM
               discourage teams from pursuing building performance                                                                        psych bed has forced organizations to shift services
               goals like LEED and Architecture 2030. This was not                                                                        away from acute and tertiary settings into residential   Design Solutions Theater
               acceptable for Emory Healthcare or Scott D. Boden,                                                                         treatment  centers. The social impact of state  facility
               MD, visionary, and champion behind the new outpatient                                                                      closures has put a burden on community hospitals,   Our design team galleries come alive in these 15 minute
               institute. Dr. Boden negotiated with vendors enhance the                                                                   families and the prison systems. The lack of available   sessions where you hear about the projects featured.
               buildings performance, challenged the design team to                                                                       data and regulation of services provide a roadblock   NEW this year there will be 2 design solutions theater
               exceed LEED Silver goals and ultimately set up a path for                                                                  to healthcare architects and planners. This session   so double the chance to hear about the latest projects
               a Net-Zero energy building. The Emory Musculoskeletal                                                                      provides an overview of the national psych bed    in this exciting format!
               Institute project leveraged an integrative design process                                                                  landscape, the regulatory environment and how other
               that incorporates AIA measures of design excellence.                                                                       countries are dealing with these issues. We will explore   sponsored by:

        20     Register by October 8 with VIP code BROCHURE and save up to $400 on your All Access Pass                                                                                   Group Rates Available! Call 203-307-2696 for detail            21
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