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CONFERENCE SESSIONS                                                                                                       CONFERENCE SESSIONS

                                               MONDAY, DECEMBER 6                                                                                                        MONDAY, DECEMBER 6

                          11:15 AM – 12:15 PM                     Materials will be provided and no prior drawing                         Charge, Austin, BSA LifeStructures                            1:45 PM – 2:45 PM
                                                                  experience is necessary. Note that this is a double session             Tim Spence AIA, ACHA, LSSYB, President, BSA
               Facilitating Happiness: How the Built              with a 15-minute break. See: www.generativespaceweek.                   LifeStructures                                    The Continuing Evolution of EDs: A
               Environment Defines Patient Experience             net, click ‘About Us’, and scroll down to see images of                                                                   Brief Look Back & Dive into the Future
                                                                  drawings from previous Intuitive Design Workshops by
               The built environment is a behavioral system. The   Gregory.                                                                           1:45 PM – 2:45 PM                     Healthcare executives, their staffs, facility managers,
               facilities we inhabit shape our conduct and funnel our                                                                                                                       planners, and architects need the most current information
               perceptions of the world around us. This is crucial in   SPEAKERS                                                          Pandemic Care Delivery Driving                    before embarking on renovating, expanding, or building a
               healthcare settings. The experiences our buildings offer,                                                                  Buildings of the Future Many Lessons              new emergency department. Input from expertise within
               from the parking lot to the patient bed, set the stage for   Gregory Splinter AIA, Co-founder and Partner, Yowza           Learned                                           the hospital and as well as a perspective from the larger
               a patient’s clinical outcome. This presentation will not   Architects                                                                                                        healthcare community is essential. With fierce competition,
               only define the key strategies healthcare facilities can                                                                   Pandemics the Past, Present and Future! Panelist   wait times posted on billboards, and online scheduling,
               implement to increase patient satisfaction (addressing        12:15 PM – 1:30 PM                                           include hospital design and construction and clinical   the hospital must develop a business plan that ensures
               noise, cleanliness, wayfinding, etc.), it will provide a                                                                   planner leaders from for profit, not for profit and public   success. Rapid growth in the number of FSEDs requires
               dynamic discussion surrounding the empirical research   Networking/Awards Luncheon                                         facilities. They will discuss lessons learned such as   research on the demographics of patient population when
               correlating facility design and emotional well-being. For                                                                  early warning signs from China, lessons learned from   considering where and how large their facility should be.
               many, healthcare facilities often house some of the most   Join  us for  lunch  as the  Symposium                          past and current pandemics and modifications of   Change is also occurring inside the department itself:
               stressful moments in people’s lives and the buildings   Distinction Awards and the Founder’s                               facilities. Did we overreact and or underestimate the   •  Its location with respect to the main entrance of
               we design and operate need to understand their role in   Award are presented. You can learn more                           warning signs? We’re the buildings modified due to    the hospital.
               providing comfort to the people they serve. Participants   about the Symposium Distinction Awards                          past pandemics such as HIV, SARS, and EBOLLA that
               will learn how their facilities can better support patients   and submit an entry here. We will also kick                  enhanced the building needs to manage COVID? They   •  An evolving central core into space for many
               and discuss strategies that can be implemented in a   off our 2021 raffle - please check back to                           will also discuss operational and care delivery changes   highly trained specialists.
               variety of healthcare settings.                    see the charity that will benefit this year.                            that impacted both in and outpatient facilities from   •  Treatment rooms changing in size and character
                    sponsored by:                                  sponsored by:                                                          diagnosis, to testing sites to in patient care, preventive   with many distinct environments.
                                                                                                                                          care and vaccinations. Panelists will showcase facility
                                                                                                                                          modifications whether in patient and outpatient as   A case study of an ED relocation and expansion
                                                                                                                                          well as discuss permanent and future capital planning   provides insights into the latest design trends.
                                                                             1:45 PM – 2:45 PM
               SPEAKERS                                                                                                                   changes to future proof their buildings.            sponsored by:
               Zachary Benedict, Principal, MKM architecture + design   American College of Healthcare
               Tom Edwards, PMP, CHC, Senior Project Manager,                                                                             MODERATOR
               Medxcel Planning, Design, and Construction         Architects Exam Prep Seminar                                            Daina Pitzenberger, SVP. RN BD, Project
               Matt Sparling, AIA, LEED AP, Principal, MKM        ACHA’s  professional  credential  in  healthcare                        Development Services, JLL
               architecture + design                              architecture is the only specialty certification program                SPEAKERS
                                                                  recognized by the AIA. This workshop will provide                       Patrick M. Casey, VP Operations & Real Estate,
                          11:15 AM – 12:15 PM                     healthcare architects with useful information to submit                 University Miami Health System
                                                                  their credentials and prepare for the ACHA Exam. The                    Jim Hicks, Vice President, Capital Planning, Facilities
               Intuitive Design Workshop Part 2                   seminar covers: application materials, exam topics,                     & Construction, Houston Methodist
                                                                  sample questions, scoring criteria and exam schedules.                  Jill S.M. Pearsall, RA, NCARB, SVP, Facilities Planning
               This real-time, highly participatory, experiential, and
               interactive workshop provides the opportunity for                                                                          & Development & Real Estate Services, Texas
               each participant to access their deep inner wisdom by                                                                      Children’s Hospital Houston
               creating their own intuitive drawing and  interpreting                                                                     John T. Wilson, AIA, CHFM, SASHE, Director
               their drawing through an immersive experience      SPEAKERS                                                                Planning, Design and Construction, Parkland Health
               facilitated by Gregory. Each participant will create and   R. Gregg Moon, RA, ACHA, EDAC, President, rgmoon                and Hospital System
               keep a drawing that they have made as a reminder of   consulting
               the interpretation of their experience.            Craig Puccetti, AIA, EDAC, ACHA, Principal-In-

                                                                                                                                                Please be sure to visit for full descriptions and updated speakers.

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