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 MONDAY, DECEMBER 6                            MONDAY, DECEMBER 6

 SPEAKERS   important to understand what worked and what didn’t.   will discuss critical success factors using examples from   University
 Angelica Chow, PE, LEED AP: BD+C, Electrical   This presentation will share a playbook of best design   programs and projects, research and practice, local and   Dio Sumagaysay, RN, MS, Associate Chief
 Engineer, Mazzetti   practices for advancing ICU staff and patient safety.   enterprise wide.  Nursing Officer, Multispecialty Procedure Units and
 Rame Hemstreet, VP of Operations, National Facilities   Though varied, its design solutions stress flexibility for   Perioperativ, Oregon Health & Science University
 Services, Chief Energy Officer, Kaiser Permanente   daily use and future pandemic situations. We will review   SPEAKERS
 Walt Vernon, PE, MBA, LD, LEED AP, EDAC, FASHE,   design guidelines from several infectious disease units   Christopher Naughton AIA, ACHA, Principal,   11:15 AM – 12:15 PM
 CEO, Mazzetti  and healthcare systems, and discuss the contexts   Healthcare Practice Leader, Senior Healthcare
 that shaped these responses, including business and   Planner, HMC Architects
 operational considerations and impacts of similar units.         Impactful Lessons Learned from
 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM  Attendees will learn how the meta-analysis impacted   Adeleh Nejati, Associate Principal, Healthcare Planner   Integrating Cardiovascular Care
 different design solutions for daily use on units that   and Researcher, HMC Architects
 Intuitive Design Workshop Part 1  can be adaptable in the future. Finally, we will share   George R. Tingwald, M.D., AIA, ACHA, Administrative   In the fall of 2020, in the midst of COVID-19,
                                                                  MidMichigan  Medical  Center  opened  its  new
 This real-time, highly participatory, experiential, and   how this research informed the design of University of   Director, Medical Planning, Stanford Health Care  Cardiovascular Care Center. This building serves as
 interactive workshop provides the opportunity for   Kentucky’s current ICU expansion – particularly, though   the hub for a 7-hospital, 22-county health system and
 each participant to access their deep inner wisdom by   not limited to, its stress on flexibility as a main strategy.  11:15 AM – 12:15 PM  brings together all aspects of cardiovascular care into
 creating their own intuitive drawing and interpreting            one center of excellence. This session will review
 their drawing through an immersive experience   SPEAKERS:   Not Your Average ASC: The Magic   key planning guidelines in developing a specialty
 facilitated by Gregory. Each participant will create and   Jason Groneck AIA, LEED AP, Principal, GBBN   Behind Our Breakthrough Results  care center including our project’s guiding principles,
 keep a drawing that they have made as a reminder of   Kirsten Miller, Architect, GBBN Architects   location, and how we organized the building. It will
 the interpretation of their experience.  Angela Powell, PE, MBA, PMP, Interim Director   Oregon Health & Science University’s Center for   then focus on the challenges that MidMichigan Health
               Health & Healing Building 2 is a 14-story ambulatory
 Facilities Planning & Development, UK Healthcare                 faced in consolidating a wide range of specialties, as
 Materials will be provided and no prior drawing experience   tower with an integrated multispecialty procedural
 is necessary. Note that this is a double session  with a   Stephanie Shroyer, Associate, Interior Designer, GBBN  and  surgical  platform.  When  it  opened  in  2019,  the   they integrated the patient care experience while co-
 15-minute break.  See:,   project’s innovative approach to co-locating disparate   locating services. Find out our potential architectural,
 click ‘About Us’, and scroll down to see images of drawings   11:15 AM – 12:15 PM  procedural and perioperative services resulted in a 20%   operational, and technological pitfalls, and see how
 from previous Intuitive Design Workshops by Gregory.  increase in surgical volumes the first year of operations,   our consistent leadership paired with proper advanced
                                                                  planning overcame many of these specific obstacles. We
 Cancer Care Journey: How Patient   improved patient experience, and a new way of   will measure the success in delivering on MidMichigan
 SPEAKERS   Stories Impact Healthcare Facility   working as an integrated team. When the pandemic hit   Health’s guiding principle: to create a welcoming new
               Oregon in 2020, OHSU was just beginning to see the
 Gregory Splinter AIA, Co-founder and Partner, Yowza   Design  benefits of integration, innovation, standardization and   home for all their cardiovascular patients.
 A cancer diagnosis can turn lives upside down. To truly   collaboration across the three-level unit. The presenters
 understand and improve the healthcare experience for   will share a) how the building’s forward-thinking design   SPEAKERS
 11:00 AM – 11:15 AM  patients with cancer, we recently conducted an in-depth   positioned OHSU to effectively respond to COVID-19   Jim Albert, AIA, ACHA, LEED AP, Principal, Hord
 study with individuals who have either been patients   and supported the implementation of CDC and federal   Coplan Macht, Inc.
 RECHARGE BREAKS  themselves or had a family member in treatment. Their   guidelines;  b)  data  and  lessons  learned  from  the   Mike Erickson, MS, MBA, CHFM, Vice President
 Chat with speakers and your fellow attendees between   stories have become our lessons and their journeys will   pandemic as operations ramped back up to 100% in less   Support Services, MidMichigan Health
               than two months; and c) how clinical leaders continue to
 sessions.  inform how we design the future cancer care facilities.   Serena Peters, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, EDAC, Senior
 In addition to this in-depth research study, Stanford   monitor outcomes and make improvements.  Associate, Hord Coplan Macht
 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM  Health Care’s Director of Medical Planning will share   sponsored by:  Sunita Vadakath, MD, VP of Service Lines,
 POE results from the Stanford’s South Bay Cancer                 MidMichigan Health
 Tackling Everyday ICU design while   Center. The project’s strategies  in policy and design
 preparing for infectious disease needs  interventions include reinforcing mind, body and
 spirit, enabling coordinated care, allowing for flexibility
 Last year saw healthcare organizations adopting a wide   and innovation,  and offering  hope  and  positivity;   SPEAKERS
 array of spatial strategies to combat a quickly evolving   making it a model for future facilities. Our panel, with   Barbara Anderson RN, MN, Principal, ZGF Architects LLP
 pandemic. As we turn the corner on COVID-19, it’s   representatives from design, research, and operations,   Lisa Newman RN BSN, Nurse Manager of the
               Endoscopy Department, Oregon Health and Science

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