Faculty Profile:

Kathryn Pannepacker
Kathryn Pannepacker is a textile/visual/community artist living in Philadelphia, PA. In the late 80's she graduated from Penn State University with a major in English and a minor in art. For many years she has done projects with Mural Arts Philadelphia, with projects to include FINDING HOME, Wall of Rugs # 1 & #2, & Nana Blankets. Currently, along with her colleague, Lisa Kelley, she co-¬leads a 'sanctuary studio' called Tuesday Tea & Textiles at the Kensington Storefront, a collaborative consortium of various organizations including Mural Arts Philadelphia. Here they have created a textile studio for those in active drug addiction. It has become a haven of welcome and creativity for those who are at their wits¬ end and readying to be ready, our hope, for recovery. Kathryn has worked with homeless men and women, folks in and out of prison, in and out of recovery, those of all ages and walks of life, and has received numerous grants from the Leeway Foundation for her art and social change work.