Faculty Profile:

Shay Thornton KulhaProject ManagerCenter for Performing Arts Medicine
Shay Thornton Kulha, Project Manager for the Center for Performing Arts Medicine, is an arts administrator with a passion for advocacy. At Houston Methodist’s Center for Performing Arts Medicine her work centers on developing healthcare professionals into ambassadors for the arts and building structure for the programs to best enhance the environment of care Houston Methodist provides. Previous to her tenure at Houston Methodist, Ms. Kulha served the City of Long Beach as the Program Director for the Arts Council for Long Beach. Under her leadership, ACLB produced the A LOT Initiative, an NEA funded performance series that was the largest public art program in Long Beach for the last 10 years. A LOT produced work in three languages across six vacant lots in underserved areas of the Long Beach community. In 2015 Ms. Kulha was recognized by Congressman Alan Lowenthal for her dedication to the arts community. Ms. Kulha received a MFA and MBA in Non¬Profit Theatre Management at CSULB.