Faculty Profile:

Lisa RafelAuthorComposer
Lisa Rafel is an author, composer, and an internationally recognized expert in sound and energy healing. She was a founding board member of the Sound and Music Alliance, which was created to foster the many uses of sound and music for healing. Fueled by her own revelation around the importance of bonding, she founded Resonant Sounds to raise awareness and create products to support the well-being of parents and their babies. Featuring their clinically tested Positive Intention MusicTM, Lisa co-created the award-winning book/CD set, Safe In The Arms Of Love with composer Gary Malkin and her husband, psychologist David Surrenda, Ph.D. which supports babies and their parents to deepen the bonding process. This music is currently being studied in Neo-Natal Intensive Care Units. Lisa sits on the board of the National Perinatal Association.