Faculty Profile:

Steven E. Carter, Ph.D.President & CEOCarter Inc.

Steve Carter and Carter, Inc. partners with organizational leaders to help them realize the greatest possible value from relocation. He treats relocation for what it is: a profound organizational change event. Consequently, relocation presents a rare opportunity for leaders to revitalize shared belief systems held by employees, the outcome of which is a positive change in leadership approach and culture, which in turn positively impact staff and patient satisfaction.

Strategies and methodologies applied to healthcare expansion and relocation must have a human scale to beneficially impact employees and shape their view of their organization’s mission, leadership, and future value.  

Steve’s focus in his MBA work at Syracuse was Managing the Development of High-Performance Teams, and his Ph.D. from Benedictine University is in Values-Driven Leadership. His practice and scholarship are grounded in “Virtues-based Leadership,” which is a theory that supports projects seeking to improve human flourishing within organizations.

Carter, Inc. is a 28-year-old company that provides consulting and management services to organizations in healthcare, corporate, higher education, industrial, and public sectors.