Faculty Profile:

Francesqca JimenezResearcherHDR
As Researcher at HDR, Francesqca Jimenez investigates the ways in which the built environment impacts human health, performance, and well-being. Francesqca has a Master of Science in Applied Research in Human-Environment Relations from Cornell University’s Department of Design and Environmental Analysis with a minor in Organizational Behavior, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, English and Women’s Studies from the University of California-Los Angeles. Prior to joining HDR, Francesqca contributed to a multi-state evaluation of school gardens’ influence on students’ physical activity and nutritional knowledge. She also co-authored the chapter entitled “Children and Nature” for the Oxford Textbook of Nature and Public Health. Francesqca’s primary research interests are in environmental psychology, and in linking environments to health. She is currently working on HDR-led studies in healthcare and higher education.