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Gina Bleedorn

Executive Director, Adrenaline

Surprising. This one word comes to mind when looking at Gina’s path to Adrenaline, a journey that is equal parts unexpected and fortuitous. An artist’s heart with a strategist’s soul, Gina’s vision integrates novel ways of solving longstanding challenges, pushing her team to employ higher-level thinking to create lasting, sustainable brand presence and personality for Adrenaline’s clients. Interested in art and music as a teen, Gina attended Furman University as one of a handful of vocal performance majors. Following her junior recital, Gina took stock of her future and began creating a new path for herself. Every day as Gina went to voice practice, she passed the art building, and these two roads diverged, with the art building on one side and the music building on another. In her senior year her instincts kicked in, and Gina started taking as many graphic design courses as she could fit in and was exhilarated to develop computer skills that would illuminate her conceptual ideas. Upon graduation, armed with a vocal degree and a year of intensive study in graphic design, Gina hit the pavement. Interviewing with Adrenaline, Gina immediately felt the spark of possibility and started as an intern, quickly moving up to a designer position with the firm. Her unique talent for capturing the soul of a brand propelled her to the senior art director position in just five short years and creative director just three years later. Her current role as executive director is the culmination of her dedication to earning her job every day, applying fresh thinking to each new client engagement. While Gina has been with the same agency throughout her meteoric rise, each position represents an ever-evolving role, because Gina brings her whole self to everything she does. While others may shrink at a challenge, Gina thrives on solving new problems every day in a completely disrupted environment, pushing herself and the brands she works with to embrace thinking differently. She may not have a 30-year history in an industry, but in this new era, not having the baggage of the way things have always been done is actually the biggest advantage, as it allows her to apply innovative perspectives that enable clients to spark chemistry between their brands and people. Gina’s favorite quote from Maya Angelou, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what did, but they will never forget how you made them feel,” provides insights into Gina’s approach to life and work. Focused on expression and experience, Gina is at the forefront of making new meaning for businesses. Gina lives in her dream home in intown Atlanta with her husband, their 6-month old daughter Avery and their two dogs, Olive and Zoe. Young urbanites, she and her husband enjoy taking in everything a vibrant city like Atlanta has to offer.