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Sean Keathley

President, Adrenaline

Carpe Diem. Sean’s credo drives him to make the most of every day, both in both work and play. The son of an Arkansas farmer, hard work, dedication and connection are engrained in Sean’s approach to business and life. A seasoned sales, marketing and management professional with an eye for building talent and developing whip-smart teams, Sean has pulled together an innovative band of creative thinkers and doers who see the world through a lens of what is possible. His rising-star story began while attending an all-boys Catholic high school, when Sean started working as a teenager at Enterprise washing cars for spending money, while simultaneously actively pursuing soccer. Throughout college at the University of Arkansas, Sean continued at Enterprise, working 30-40 hours a week and climbing through the ranks into customer service roles. Upon completion of his business marketing degree, he was offered an assistant manager position for one of the largest offices in Fayetteville, eventually managing a territory that included most of the state and overseeing a staff of hundreds of employees. Sean’s experience at Enterprise began what he calls his “MBA in life.” One of the largest private companies in the world, the company is known for a dedication to creating a culture that embraces investment in individuals and fostering inspired approaches to business challenges, life-lessons that Sean exemplifies to this day. Empowered by his experience, Sean transitioned to sales, working with Progeny Marketing Innovations as a vice president, moving to vice president of Retail Services at NewGround, Adrenaline’s sister company, where Sean’s drive, creativity and people-smarts are embraced and celebrated. Ambitious and focused yet unassuming and approachable, Sean became president of Adrenaline, an experience design agency, while still in his 30s, a remarkable feat in any industry. Crediting parent company NewGround with the opportunity to realize his vision and build this dream team, Sean describes his current role as equal parts chief culture officer and bridge-builder. He is architect of Adrenaline’s innovative approach, which unites the strategic and tactical like no other company in marketing and branding today. Sean says, “We're building this together. It's our blue ocean opportunity. We pooled the best ideas, refined our approach and defined it for the market. There's not another company quite like us.” Sean lives in Atlanta with his wife and two boys, Pierce and James. His athleticism and competitive nature growing up are now a family tradition for his children as well, with both playing baseball and soccer. As a family, they enjoy sports and the outdoors and snow ski together in the mountains at least once a year.