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Wednesday, September 18, 2019  |  3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Open to Conference Attendees Only

Choice Theory, Behavioral Economics, and Architecture: A New Approach to Health Design

Avani Parikh
Architect and Planner

This practical workshop draws concepts together from Behavioral Economics, Rational Choice Theory, and Architecture to explore a new approach to improving healthcare with design of the physical environment. Choice Theory has shown that, contrary to the assumption that people always act optimally with regard to their own care, people are not always informed about their bodies and minds and do not always take the best care of themselves. This theory of behavior suggests a rethinking of how to approach the design of a more effective health environment. The framework of the new approach, that this session advocates, explores how design can more effectively impact healthy action, provides an innovative explanation of how people make choices, and provides design strategies for motivating people to make better choices about their individual health and wellness. This session will discuss the key concepts of experience and human choice within the context of the relationship between design and health.


Three case studies will be featured in this session to provide practical examples of using the schema:


design element > environment experience > user choice > care


This workshop will identify and discuss new ways to think about improving health with design. Achieving the benefits of this new way of thinking requires the development of specific strategies to encourage prevention and health promotion through design within healthcare facilities. The workshop will provide opportunities for participant interaction to experience using the schema to explore how to create more generative environments for enhanced healthy action. Ultimately, this new approach can enable the design for health in a more systematic and scientific manner, with a lasting holistic impact on the overall population.

Note that, prior to this presentation, from 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM on the exhibit hall floor, Avani will have her book, Choice Architecture, available for sale and will be offering the opportunity for it to be personally inscribed.


1.  Explore a new approach to health design that draws together Choice Theory, Behavioral Economics, and Architecture.
2.  Explore how the Choice Theory framework is applicable to designing for improving health
3.  Explore how the Choice Theory framework enables a more holistic approach to healthcare
4.  Engage in interactive participation to actively explore how new design thinking can introduce practical and new generative choices in care settings. 

SESSION FOCUS AREAS: = Generative Space = NOAH