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Wednesday, September 18, 2019  |  1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Open to Conference Attendees Only

Design and the Spirit of Place III

Renee Kemp Rotan
Master Planner,/Urban Designer; CEO, studiorotan

‘Spirit of Place’ is the third ‘chapter’ in an ongoing series of annual Symposium programs that explore design, spirit of place, and health as inseparable from the healing process. This year’s presentation will: (1) Examine various world spiritual beliefs; (2) Explore the impact of these beliefs on the design of the world’s most sacred places. (3) Investigate spiritual principles and environments that affect the healing process; (4) Provide interactive discussion about kinesthetic principles that influence “how we feel, act and behave” in time, space and architecture; (5) Explore principles of design that make environments more magical; (6) Acknowledge the purposeful nature of well-designed places that nurture the spirit and heal; and (7) Offer stimulating audience discussion to further explore this rare approach to design. Participating in previous years’ programs is not a requirement for participation in this year’s.

LEARNING OUTCOMES:                                   
1.  Examining various world spiritual beliefs and the sacred places designed by these beliefs.
2.  Acknowledging impact of architecture on mental, physical, spiritual health. 
3.  Becoming exposed to research on design, cultural competence, and social impact.
4.  Becoming aware of the symbiotic relationship between design, health and spirit of place. 
SESSION FOCUS AREAS: = Generative Space = NOAH