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Wednesday, October 10, 2018  |  9:45 AM - 10:45 AM

Open to Conference Attendees Only

Relocation is Transformation - Don't Survive Your Move, Thrive In It

Steven E. Carter, Ph.D.
President & CEO, Carter Inc.
Karen DeShon, Ph.D.
Partner, Organizational Development & Effectiveness Lead, Coetic
Kirk McKie, RN
, Carter, Inc.
Scott Turner
Chief Operating Officer, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, Executive Vice President, Children's Hospital and Health System
Montie Garrison
Director, Transition Planning, Carter, Inc.

This session is about how to manage organizational change that must occur when a healthcare facility moves, expands, renovates or re-stacks. New healthcare facilities are accompanied by significant changes in the way day-to-day administration, building operations and especially patient care services are conducted and provided. Commonly, these changes cause angst among the care providers and support staff. A program of change management and communications must be implemented to address the social and emotional changes in addition to those within the environment of care. Exacerbating this problem is the common failure to integrate the activities of designing, building, and outfitting the new building (building readiness) with the activities surrounding operational and transition planning (operational readiness).


The problems of change management, communications, and project integration must be identified and solved to ensure successful healthcare real estate projects. Our session panel would like to share our experience in providing solutions within this arena.


We will present best practices regarding:

  • The philosophy behind the structuring of the project organization that will effectively integrate building and operational readiness planning and management
  • How to develop and execute a change management process that will assist providers and staff to navigate smoothly through the transition to a new environment and catalyze an improved culture of care
  • How to develop and implement a communications program that will effectively support change, assist in the integration of building and operational readiness, and provide a platform for giving voice to the organizational aspirations that compelled the move to new facilities



1. To understand the relocation, expansion or renovation of a hospital or healthcare facility can be a true opportunity to change the culture of care.
2. To understand the importance of integrating operational and building readiness and how to establish an organizational structure that will ensure this integration.
3. To understand the importance of a substantive change management and communications program to the success of a relocation or other significant building project.
4. To better perceive the connection between staff satisfaction and patient satisfaction in the context of a relocation.

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