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Tuesday, October 9, 2018  |  12:45 PM - 2:00 PM

Open to Conference Attendees Only

Renovating Operating Rooms with Surgical Precision

Andrew Brumbach, AIA, EDAC
Senior Associate, Architecture, SmithGroupJJR
Tim Gregg, AIA, ACHA
Principal, SmithGroupJJR
Melanie Hall, AIA
Project Manager, Associate, SmithGroup
Chet Schroeder, RA
Program Manager, Project Delivery Services, Beaumont Health
Many healthcare organizations fear that renovating the surgical suite will result in an expensive, disruptive, band-aid solution that does not fully address the needs of their patients or staff. This presentation illustrates successful renovation strategies applied at three varied healthcare institutions: 
a community hospital with an aging, challenging infrastructure
a high-volume, growing community hospital
a large, complex, tertiary and academic medical center
Each case study will detail the unique challenges and identify approaches that resulted in improvements to patient care and operations. 
The session will conclude with a comparison of key metrics (e.g., overall space/OR, renovation cost/OR, etc.) between the facilities and in relation to new construction.  We will also provide insight into the decision-making factors that influence the design and implementation of a surgical suite renovation.
1. Summarize reasons OR renovations are considered including capacity, technology, and infrastructure issues and the need to accommodate new procedures.
2. Distinguish varying facility conditions that influence which approaches to use in renovating surgical suites while maintaining operations.
3. Evaluate phasing plans and products to ensure patient and staff safety during on-going operations.
4. Compare surgical suite designs presented in terms of patient processes, technology, infrastructure, and cost and in comparison, to new construction.
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