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Tuesday, October 9, 2018  |  3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Open to Conference Attendees Only

Coal to Gas Conversion with Added Reliability as Bi-Furcated Central Plant

John A. Balzer
Vice President, Facility Planning and Development, Froedtert Health
Jay Ehrfurth
Director - Power / Industrial, The Boldt Company
Mark Geronime
Vice President of Operations, Milwaukee Regional Medical Center (MRMC)

Faced with high steam/chilled water utility rates, a required coal to gas fuel conversion and aging thermal assets MRMC had several paramount decisions to undertake. Should a health care provider branch outside their core competencies and own/operate their own thermal plant? This presentation addresses the steps of developing a proforma case justifying the economics, forming a thermal entity, purchasing the plant from the local utility, putting together the right team of designers/constructors to deliver the project and selecting a third-party operator/maintenance managing group. Buried within all these activities were the axioms of the project; Redundancy - a second or bi-furcated plant to provide continuous supply of critical thermal services with geographic source diversity; Reliability - investment in plant and distribution infrastructure to enhance uninterrupted, consistent source of thermal services; and Environmental - reduce noxious emissions through elimination of coal.



1. Build physical redundancy by bi-furcating plant steam and chilled water production assets
2. Utilize cleaner combustion technology to develop improved environmental emissions
3. Evaluate improved economics for steam and chilled water production.
4. Assess LEAN construction principles for delivery of a thermal plant project.

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