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Monday, October 8, 2018  |  1:45 PM - 2:45 PM

Open to Conference Attendees Only

Professional Athlete to Weekend Warrior: Facilities Designed to Perform

Josh Halon, RN, MSN, EDAC
Director, Healthcare Planning, BSA LifeStructures
Sean Menogan
Vice President, Facilities, Design and Construction, UCHealth
National Healing Market Leader, BSA LifeStructures

When a preeminent Academic Medical Center, world-class Orthopedic Group, and leading University Sports Medicine Program collaborated to develop a new facility, they were met with the challenge of creating an environment that would move individuals completely across the care continuum of injury prevention, repair, recovery, rehab, research, and performance. The team was tasked to not only provide a wide programmatic need but also support a broad population of athletes, from the weekend-warrior to the performance needs of those in the highest professional categories. This topic will introduce trends in wellness and sports performance facilities including the diverse group of populations that utilize the space. The presentation will identify success factors in designing a multi-use facility that incorporates physician clinics, operating rooms, rehabilitation, imaging, research and sports performance under one roof.



1. Describe Trends in Sports Performance Center Populations
2. Explore the concept of injury prevention, repair, recovery, research and performance in one collaborative environment.
3. Discover strategies for simultaneously addressing consumer engagement and caregiver performance.
4. Identify Design opportunities in balancing the competitive spirit and comradery with private treatment in a wellness and performance environment.

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