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Tuesday, October 9, 2018  |  4:15 PM - 5:15 PM

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Organizational Factors and the Transition to Decentralized Nursing

Dr. Jeri Brittin
Public Health Research Scientist, HDR
Francesqca Jimenez
Researcher, HDR
Melinda Kentfield, RN, BSN, MSAS
Director of Nursing/Hospitalists/Interim Chief Nurse Executive, Fremont Health
Lori Schoenholz, MSN, RN
Senior Director of Nursing Informatics, Great Plains Health

Inpatient unit designs with decentralized caregiver workstations have become popular for new and renovated hospital facilities. Traditionally, inpatient units had a single, centralized nursing station, while newer decentralized models include a range of designs that place nurses closer to patients. Current evidence evaluating these decentralized models produced mixed results and gives little focus to the substantial organizational change inherent to the transition to decentralized nursing. HDR Research conducted a mixed methods study of two Nebraska community hospitals that recently transitioned to a decentralized nursing model. The aims were to explore, document and compare nurses’ experience of the decentralized nursing environment and the accompanying change management within the organizations. The success of a transition to decentralized nursing in part depends on nurses’ acceptance of, and preparation for, the organizational change concomitant to the decentralized design.



1. Summarize and synthesize the current research evidence on decentralized nursing models and change management in healthcare settings.
2. Interpret the results and implications of an empirical study of two community hospitals that transitioned to a decentralized caregiving model.
3. Discuss the importance of the change management process among nurse and nurse leaders transitioning to decentralized caregiving.
4. Apply lessons and recommendations learned from two community hospitals that recently transitioned to decentralized caregiving.

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