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Tuesday, October 9, 2018  |  3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Open to Conference Attendees Only

Designing Experience: Total Health Starts Before Site Selection

Sumrien Ali
Consulting Project Manager, JLL Employee supporting Kaiser Permanente
Jack M. Bellamy
Director, Construction Acquisition and Capital Projects, National Facilities Services

How can healthcare providers improve their patientsí experience? This is a hot topic in todayís fiercely competitive healthcare market where patients have more choice. The most innovative companies in the market understand the need to prioritize customer experience above all else. When Gensler partnered with JLL and Kaiser Permanente to investigate potential sites for a new MOB, our prior partnerships had well prepared the team to go beyond a typical feasibility exercise. In addition to evaluating the highest and best use of real estate to maximize Kaiserís touchpoints within the community, the scope included anticipating and quantifying how well a site would contribute to a positive patient experience. Kaiserís commitment to improving their patientsí experience is exemplified by their Total Health Environment initiative, which permeates every decision that is made. But when the design has not yet begun, and the several locations are being considered, how to evaluate something as subjective as the possibility for a positive and improved patient experience becomes the challenge. It also presents an exciting opportunity to carefully evaluate the essence of the question, at all scales of project delivery and design.


1.†A participant will be able to give examples of elements of positive patient / user experience that relate to a facility master plan.
2.†A participant will learn how to organize a series of subjective ideals in a manner that can be quantified for comparison and evaluation.
3.†The participant will be able to utilize examples given in this presentation to establish their own goals for preliminary project analysis.
4.†A participant will be able to recognize how designing for clear circulation will impact patient experience and positive outcomes.

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