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Tuesday, September 19, 2017  |  3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Open to Conference Attendees Only

The Micro Hospital: Bringing Innovative Care Models to Local Neighborhoods

T.J. Grassetti
VP Strategic Partnerships, SCL Health System
Dan Harrington
Development Executive, Healthcare, Duke Realty
John Marshall
Vice President, National Healthcare Strategy and Development, Duke Realty
Victor Schmerbeck
Executive Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, Emerus

SCL, Emerus and Duke Realty developed and opened four micro hospitals near Denver. They’re smaller than conventional hospitals and, thus, easier to navigate; and located in convenient suburban neighborhoods. They also offer the same extensive healthcare services found on larger hospital campuses but are less expensive to build than traditional hospitals. The team faced a number of challenges, including quickly learning each locality’s different regulations, designing the facilities to house the necessary services in a smaller space, and locating the hospitals on sites that are highly convenient for all users. The facilities are meeting the area’s increasing demand for new medical services; and providing residents with comprehensive care including emergency and non-emergency services and both primary and secondary care in one location. The facilities also are enabling the health systems to quickly and cost effectively build their patient base and enhance patient satisfaction.


1. Review a process for implementing a successful micro hospital development partnership, including differences in micro hospitals v. FSEDs.
2. Summarize the benefits of incorporating outpatient services, including urgent care, into a micro hospital.
3. Review key provider and patient benefits of micro hospitals, including lower costs, speed to market, greater convenience and increased satisfaction.
4. Discuss key lessons learned by two leading healthcare providers and their development teams in developing micro hospitals.

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