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  • Austin Here We Come
    Jenabeth Ferguson, Vice President, Symposium Director
    We are on the road again! This time heading to the thriving city of Austin, Texas. The Symposium will celebrate 30 years in this must visit destination.
  • Gratitude
    Jenabeth Ferguson, Vice President, Symposium Director
    I looked back to see what I wrote about in this space last December and I shared my experience about being in a hospital bed for the first time. Then I looked back to 2014 and saw that I wrote that column from beside my mother’s hospital bed. Fortunately I have no medical experiences to contemplate on this year which makes me feel very grateful. ‘Tis the season for reflection and focusing on the important things in life so excuse me while I do just that this year.
  • Top 5 Highlights from this Year’s Symposium
    Jenabeth Ferguson, Vice President, Symposium Director
    It is remarkable to me that this will be the third time I will share my top moments from the Symposium in this column. It seems like just yesterday I started this column as a way to communicate with all of you throughout the year and in reality it has been over three years. The Leaflet itself is an extension of the event, a way to offer insight and education throughout the year. And this column is a way for me to reach all of you throughout the year to point out the important things happening. I am going to indulge in looking back as I continue the tradition of sharing my top 5 favorite things from this year’s event.

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  • Parking lots –adding value to your business plan
    Customer Service . . . Sustainability . . . Compliance . . . are all key parts today’s business plans. Have you considered how your parking lot adds value to each? The right partner can create a customized maintenance program that will have your lot contributing to all of these objectives and to the lasting impression you have with your clients.
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