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Company Information and Description

The LATICRETE® SUPERCAP® System GUARANTEES FLAT and DRY FLOORS meeting all DIV 9 requirements for final finishes.

SUPERCAP is a cementitious self-leveling underlayment - over concrete substrates – placed any time between DIV 3 and DIV 9 – and can include a moisture mitigation membrane when needed.

SUPERCAP is delivered by a MOBILE BLENDING UNIT – essentially a manufacturing plant on wheels - RAPIDLY producing cementitious underlayment at the rate of 15-tons (or 600 bags) / hour – and up to 50-stories in height.


  • Eliminate Slab Deflection & Unevenness
  • Permanently Solve Excess Slab Moisture
  • Cap New Concrete with NO Concrete Finishing and NO Curing Compounds
  • Remediate Existing Slabs
  • Rapid Self leveling Prior to Finishes
  • Shorten Construction Time and Save Project Costs
  • Reduce Change Orders Related to Floor Flatness